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Dem Congress Killed Cannabis Reform During Impeachment Distraction — The Political Vigilante

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Graham shows how the Impeachment ws used to hide another bad pice of legislation. _______________________________ Tour Dates: T / IG: @GrahamElwood Use #PoliticalVigilante on social media! Independent news doesn’t come with a big corporate paycheck; The Political Vigilante is powered solely by support from viewers like you. Please consider supporting independent news by becoming a patron! Bitcoin wallet: qzx00qv3cz8xur9ujyewgda3hnc03perpqp2rz7043 Rokfin: Thank you so much to our current patrons: Thank you to our current Patrons!! Mark Sinclair, Craig Coleman, Mitchell Heldt, Dominic Marro, Ahh Be, Steve Saylor, The Natural Progressive, Erni, Christopher Ross, Kate Slattery, Guy Green,...
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