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Journalist Fails Gun Background Check

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A journalist for Business Insider wanted to prove how easy it is to buy a gun - and failed. #2A #SecondAmendment #ShallNotBeInfringed ❤Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook: @thelibertydoll ❤Full 30: USCCA: Recommended books, equipment, and more: ✴ Patreon: ✴ SubscribeStar: ✴ Paypal: ✴ Bitcoin: 3FKmZtjgaPAFz3YGvDAdZVnBhA6TF9HDk5 ✴ Litecoin: MSw6yRktpJK7NnJZFE9jgozHbGWjJ7tsas Mirrors: - PO BOX: Liberty Doll P.O Box 421 West Bridgewater, MA 02379-0421 Logo art by Chloe deJong - Sources:
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