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The Sick Truth About Late-Term Abortion

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Late-term abortion is legal in most states when a woman's "mental health" is considered to be at risk. In this case, we explore the two most common types of late-term abortion, describing, in detail, the process for each. We will also look at the history and current status of abortion law across the country. MORE RESPONSE VIDEOS: BITCOIN ADDRESS// 1MDsW39MNQgkzuBdXhkk31yYczvBjigkCz SUPPORT // BITCOIN: 1MDsW39MNQgkzuBdXhkk31yYczvBjigkCz STREAMLABS: FOLLOW // FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: GAB: MINDS: LETTERS/MAIL/ETC // PO BOX 9831 Spokane, WA 99209 SOURCES // DISCLAIMER // This video is intended for entertainment & informative purposes only....
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